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6 Essential Kitchen Upgrades

by Adam on January 10, 2023

Kitchens are arguably the most important, perhaps even sacred, part of your home. It’s where family and friends gather to cook, eat, and have meaningful conversations. Alon Design and Remodeling offers premium kitchen upgrades at affordable prices, so you have options when it comes to making necessary kitchen upgrades and kitchen remodeling decisions.

There should never be any pressure to make kitchen upgrades. It’s something you need to be ready and prepared for. And when that time comes, Alon’s talented crew of home builders will generate design ideas and listen to your vision for a new kitchen!

Together, we can collaborate and give your home a natural feel that embodies what you want people to see when they visit. In order to fully take advantage of Alon’s extensive suite of home building services, schedule a free in-home consultation, and we can talk about potential kitchen upgrades.

One of our trusted project managers will physically inspect the existing space and ask questions throughout the process. This really helps our team know what you’re thinking about in terms of kitchen upgrades and any new construction projects.

From there, we can start developing a comprehensive strategy with specific kitchen upgrades that fit into an overall concept. And no matter which kitchen upgrades our brilliant designers come up with, you have the final word and approval over everything! We will shape the project into anything you want, but in general, there are six essential kitchen upgrades we recommend.

1. New Appliances 

Kitchen upgrades are made easy when you swap out older appliances with more modern ones. While you might not need nor want modern kitchen appliances with more built-in technology, you should at least consider the idea. It’s one of the simplest ways to modernize your home because the space is already there, and you’re not drastically rearranging your kitchen’s layout.

If you truly want a tech-centric kitchen, we can install refrigerators with touchscreens and a stove you can control from your smartphone. Maybe you’d love a trash can that opens with the wave of a hand or a microwave that presets cook times based on your usage. All of these kitchen upgrades are available, as well as traditional kitchen appliance replacements.

2. Replace Cabinets 

The cabinets in your kitchen direct the eye level of everyone entering the room. Because of where kitchen cabinets are located, we subconsciously make eye contact with the colors and designs, and that forms our initial impression.

Mundane, dull colors give off the wrong idea. Your kitchen needs to exude confidence and tell everyone this is a place of warmth and comfort. Replacing the existing cabinets might be the kind of kitchen upgrade your home desperately needs.

There are several projects Alon has done over the years where our clients were satisfied with kitchen upgrades as soon as the cabinets were redone. It has a profound effect on the entire house and provides great balance.

3. Different Countertops

Kitchen countertops can be mixed and matched with different combinations of surfaces and colors too! A brighter quartz may be more to your taste than a darker granite countertop. Commercial kitchens typically use stainless steel exclusively because they’re built for functionality rather than appearance. Luckily, Alon can make any type of countertop work!

4.  Backsplash Addition 

A new backsplash complements your countertops and adds an extra level of creativity. This is where you have some freedom to play around with different patterns and textures that flow together with the rest of your kitchen. Alon’s project team likes to physically bring backsplash samples so you can see for yourself if you want that type of kitchen upgrade.

5. Brighter Lighting

Lighting dictates how you feel standing in your kitchen. It literally sets the mood and has an opportunity to showcase what a beautiful space you have in your home. It also serves as an operational necessity because you’re dealing with things like sharp objects and open flames while you cook.

Every area in your kitchen needs adequate lighting, and there are many ways to get it done. Recessed lighting and ceiling fixtures provide the overall light in your kitchen, but you can also experiment with pendant lights and wall sconces to add some variety. We call this ambient lighting, which basically means the light sets the mood of the room.

6. Flooring 

Choosing a new floor in your kitchen makes a huge difference too. Most people go with ceramic tile or hardwood flooring because they don’t absorb moisture, and both materials are durable. It’s important to consider these things before moving forward with kitchen upgrades. Your floors have to withstand water, grease, food, and anything else that could spill onto them.


What are the best kitchen upgrades?

Kitchen upgrades fall on a large spectrum. There are many different types of kitchen upgrades that are suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. Regardless of whichever type of kitchen upgrade you’re looking for, Alon’s team of designers and builders will be able to execute a creative, thoughtful plan. 

Do kitchen upgrades increase home value?

Yes! Kitchen upgrades can boost your home’s overall value tremendously. When you make improvements in key areas of your home, like kitchen upgrades, the value enhances when you put your house on the market. Now, not everyone gets kitchen upgrades for the purpose of selling their home, but it’s nice to know when the time comes!

Can you make kitchen upgrades for less than $5000? 

Absolutely! There are a plethora of kitchen upgrades you can make for less than $5000. A lot of people are under the impression that kitchen upgrades and remodeling projects are high-budget and require a sizable investment. That’s not always the case. Homeowners and businesses have the ability to formulate small-scale kitchen upgrades at a minimal cost.

What are some small kitchen upgrades that fit a budget?

As we said, kitchen upgrades come in all different shapes and sizes. Small kitchen upgrades are appropriate whenever you feel like they’re needed. It takes less planning, and you don’t have to set aside as much money for the budget. Alon’s project managers work closely with customers to calculate a workable budget, and we make sure we stick to it!

In what order do you make kitchen upgrades? 

The first step in making kitchen upgrades will vary greatly depending on the nature of your project. Are you building a new house from the ground up? Is this a kitchen remodel of an outdated space? These are important distinctions because it impacts the order of the process. Kitchen upgrades can start anywhere. Newer homes have to begin with walls and electrical components before everything else.

If you’re just making simple, one-off kitchen upgrades like replacing the cabinets or installing new light fixtures, you can start with those immediately. Alon’s talented design team will manage your project and make the proper kitchen upgrades at the appropriate time. You can trust the timeline of the kitchen upgrades is going to be followed to every last detail.

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