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New Construction Projects

Owning a home is about more than just having a roof over your head. It provides you with the creative freedom to design anything you want. Alon Design and Remodeling understands the importance of shaping a living space that embodies your hopes and dreams.

To build the home of your dreams, you need a trusted team of home remodeling professionals. Alon’s customizable home remodeling services include everything from new construction to kitchen remodeling to bathroom renovations.

Anything you can think of, we can make it happen! We’re available around the clock for free estimations and brainstorming sessions about your future projects. The first step is contacting us today to set up an appointment.

The hardest part about new construction is getting started. There are so many ideas and opinions about what could happen. Should we renovate the bedrooms? Which colors would make sense for the dining room? Does the kitchen need a different backsplash?

You must have a detailed plan with proper guidance from a home builder who is qualified. Our trusted team of builders and designers at Alon takes home remodeling and new construction projects to another level.

Expertise in our industry only comes from doing it repeatedly. With decades worth of experience, we’re naturally prepared for new construction projects and have an entire catalog of concepts and ideas.

Home Construction Done Right

New construction remodels are always stressful. The weight of every decision seems like it could change the outcome dramatically. It certainly can, but that’s why you bring in people with talent. A great home makeover starts with a vision and is executed with craftsmanship.

Surrounding yourself with the right people expedites the process and ensures quality. The easiest way to develop that relationship is through the project. Many people don’t realize construction workers are passionate people who truly love doing great work.

It’s a very gratifying feeling when you take a step back and admire what you’ve created, especially a customized piece from scratch. We wouldn’t be in business if we didn’t love what we do every day.

The look on our client’s faces when the final product is revealed to them is priceless. New construction projects test us to the limit and are rewarding at the same time. There can be trying times during a new constriction endeavor, but it’s all part of the journey.

Productive Home Renovation

New construction projects are more than just hiring an established company. You’re choosing people you get along with to develop a positive working relationship. Although it doesn’t sound more important than the actual home remodeling process, it will help the project run smoothly.

If you want a home renovation operating at maximum efficiency, get to know the skilled workers. Working relationships benefit both homeowners and builders for communication purposes.

It’s a known fact within the construction industry that home remodeling tasks are easier when the homeowner and the construction company are on the same page. This is basic teamwork, and when you’re on the same wavelength of thinking, new construction ideas flourish!

Sticking with a preplanned budget will also foster productivity. Before anything is torn out or installed, you need to sit down with your project manager and hammer out a comprehensive budget.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or find out why certain supplies cost more than others. There should be no surprises when the final bill is ready to be paid.

Endless Remodeling Services

Alon Design and Remodeling is renowned because of our versatility. We specialize in new construction projects and enjoy taking them head-on for their potential. Every possibility is worth exploring because we want to make your ideas work.

Now, it might not be attainable in some situations, but our team is full of problem solvers. Our seasoned team of workers is prepared for everything.

New construction opportunities aren’t limited to interior projects either. Alon performs exterior home renovations and everything in between including:

  • Garage Conversions
  • Roofing
  • Patio Enclosures
  • Room Additions 
  • Master Bath Remodels

You can expect Alon to deliver on everything because we’re dependable and possess the skills necessary to complete the job. The greatest asset to customers during a home remodel is options. Having as many choices as possible generates new ideas.

Allow your imagination to take on different concepts and then articulate those goals into the proposal. We hope your dream home renovation becomes a reality, and we promise to work our hardest to meet those expectations.

New construction projects manifest themselves despite the challenges along the way. You keep pushing and trusting the process until it’s time to see the end result, which will bring a smile to everyone’s face.


How do I start a new construction project?

New construction projects can be daunting. It always feels like a million things are going on at once, and everything has a deadline. The place to start is with a budget. Sit down with your project manager and come up with how much each phase of the renovation will cost, and then go from there!

Does every construction project need a budget?

You would be putting yourself at a major disadvantage without a budget. All new construction needs a budget to keep the project on pace and to hold people accountable. It also helps you monitor what you can and can’t afford during the home remodeling process.

Are consultations usually free?

Alon Design and Remodeling offers free in-home consultations because we want you to hear our creative ideas and input for your new construction project. And it also gives customers an opportunity to meet us face-to-face and collaborate on a strategy.

How accurate are home renovation estimates?

Estimates calculated by Alon’s experts are well thought out and always accurate. We’ve been remodeling homes and working on new construction concepts for several years, so we know how much things should cost. Call us today for a free quote, and we’d be happy to help!

What can go wrong on a construction site?

A multitude of things can go wrong on a construction site. People with tools are constantly hauling equipment and supplies around, and it gets chaotic. That’s why you need to hire workers with experience, and nobody has more experience than our crew at Alon Design and Remodeling.

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