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Best Room Addition Contractor

You are probably asking yourself, Google, and everyone you meet in the physical work, “Out of all the home addition contractors near me, who is the best?” But building additions to homes, although extremely popular, is not something that most people have substantial experience with.

If someone invested in a room addition, most of the time, they only had one. A bad experience only tells you a single company not to use. If the home addition contractors did a great job, those contractors might still not be the best for you. What you need is a home addition contractor who has experience.

If the experience lies with the home addition contractors, then you have someone who has seen the widest variety of projects, complications, materials used, and how buildings age. Alon Design and Remodeling has the track record that you need to assure the work is done correctly.

Additions To Homes

House addition plans can come in an almost limitless variety. That is why you need experienced home addition contractors to help guide you through the options so you end up with a project that will solve your issues and provide the correct solutions.

Should I convert my garage to living space with a garage conversion? Perhaps adding a second story to a house makes more sense to your needs and building layout. The sky is the limit with room additions, so it helps to have someone in our corner who is giving you practical, attainable, and stylistically relevant options.

Garage Conversion

Whether you are just going to turn your garage into an alternative space, such as an office or a gym, a garage conversion has to take into account the intended use of the space. An office might need more outlets, a window installation perhaps, whereas a gym needs better ventilation.

A garage bedroom or garage living space is certainly more open, in terms of what you can do with the space. Or you could make a garage ADU with your garage conversion. If you are looking for something as stringently defined as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), you need a trusted and experienced ADU builder.

ADU Builder

With ADUs being such a popular option due to their increased accessibility and streamlined permitting regulations, many people are looking to begin construction on their new living space. But be aware that there are many specifications that your designs must meet to be considered an ADU.

There is so much to consider about your potential ADU room addition, so it is invaluable to have someone on your side who knows the requirements and process of designing, permitting, and building these structures. For example, you need a bathroom and space to prepare food.

Alon Design and Remodeling performs kitchen renovations and bathroom remodeling, so making these aspects of your ADU beautiful and functional is no problem at all. We know that a space should always be livable, and it could always be more beautiful and luxurious.

Adding A Second Story To A House

If you do not have the space or the intention of spreading out on the ground floor or losing storage space with a garage conversion, room addition is still an option. Set your sights a little bit higher, literally, with a second floor addition.

You can add significantly more square footage to your house if you build another house on top of it. Although these construction projects can be a bit more invasive and complicated, changing roofs and adding staircases, they serve as an important room addition alternative.

Building projects like this can be less inconvenient to those living in the dwelling, so you might want to add a second floor to your garage. Combining adding a second story with a garage conversion to get the perks and convenience of both construction projects.


What Does ADU mean in construction?

In the construction field, ADU stands for accessory dwelling unit. You can find more information on these structures via Government Code section 65852.150. But the quick and short of it is that they are a living structure classification designed to be constructed on existing lots.

The intention of ADUs is to address the housing needs of Californians. This has resulted in removing barriers to building and the streamlining of construction permit approval. It has never been a better time to start making additions to homes.

Should my room addition be attached to my home?

There are pros and cons to building an ADU, as attached or unattached to the main structure. Detached allows for more privacy, but attached allows for more convenience and ease of access. If you are looking to rent out the space, a detached ADU is a great option.

If you are only looking for a bigger home, an attached addition can be extremely beneficial to improve the floor plan with more space. Just be aware that a larger building requires more energy to heat, cool, and light. This choice ultimately comes down to your desired purpose.

What type of room should I add to my home?

You could have an additional bedroom, a gym, or an office when you invest in a room addition. There is no immediate need to assign a specific function to the room addition as long as you make it versatile. But if you are looking to build an ADU, you will need a bit more forethought.

An ADU is a legal classification of structure that must meet certain criteria. But the main point is that it must be a livable space. That means that it must have at least a ¾ bath (sink, shower, toilet) and allow for living, sleeping, eating, and preparing food (150 square feet).

Are there any drawbacks to building an ADU?

If you choose to do an ADU garage conversion, you are remodeling and renovating, but you are not building more space. So you will lose whatever functionality your renovated space used to have. Whether the space is for storage or parking, a garage is almost always used in some way.

If you are doing brand new construction, you are still going to be changing up the use of your lot. You might lose part of your driveway or your backyard. Even a second story requires space for a staircase. So always think about a room addition as a restructuring of your use of space.

Will a room addition increase my property value?

Not only do room additions increase property value, but it may also increase the value of a home by as much as 50%. Of course, results will vary depending on the size of the addition and the skill of your home addition contractors. The bigger and nicer the room addition, the more value it adds.

It is important to understand that value is more than just monetary property appraisal. You can get plenty of value from adding a room to a house simply by making a home that has more functionality. If you can do more in our house or your floor plan allows you to be more efficient, that is extremely valuable.

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