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If you believe your bathroom is less exquisite than it could be, why not invest in bathroom remodeling? Hiring a remodeling service is a great way to increase value and make your home feel better. Your bathroom is a crucial part of your home, so you’d want it to look as great as possible.

There are all kinds of ways that you can add a little something to your bathroom to increase the value or even just give yourself something nice to live in. When getting the bathroom remodeling done, as with any new construction, there are many different aspects to consider.

There are a lot of parts to a bathroom that you can tweak a bit or completely tear down and start from scratch. Here’s a brief overview of potential options you have when getting bathroom remodeling. Remember, the only limit is your imagination (and budget, of course)!

Sinks and Vanities

Your sinks and vanities are a vital part of your bathroom and a big factor to consider in bathroom remodeling.

First, you should think about whether or not you want a lone sink, a large countertop, or even a double vanity. Double vanities are perfect for a spouse or other shared-bathroom situations.

Next, think about your wide breadth of material options. You can go for long-lasting metal, like stainless steel, cast iron, or even copper. Copper is less durable and can be reactive to acidic substances, but it also kills germs. You can also get other durable, artificial materials, like acrylic, solid-surface, and composite.

You can go for something more stylish and fragile, like china, porcelain, ceramic, resin, or glass. Many natural materials look great as well (as long as you take care of them), like natural stone, fireclay, concrete, and quartz. You can also go with softer organic materials, like wood and bamboo.

Showers and Tubs

You have several bathing options that can drastically change the look and feel of your bathroom.

The most obvious choice is between a tub and a shower. Many people don’t take baths anymore these days and are okay with a simple shower setup. Others like the spa-like feel that a bath brings and love unwinding in the tub. Whichever you choose, you have further options.

If you prefer a shower, you can go for an easy-to-use walk-in shower design or even a freestanding shower with no walls. You can go for many different shapes – corner, rectangular, neo-angle, you name it. Unique waterflow options include waterfall, rainfall, steam, and tower styles. You can even get a sliding door, pivot door, or hinged door.

For tubs, you can go with a variety of setups. Your tub can be freestanding, walk-in, drop-in, recessed, or corner. It can be designed as a soaking tub, whirlpool tub, or with jetted water.

You can also go for a typical shower/tub combo.


While it would be nice to not need one of these, the toilet is also a vital part of your bathroom remodeling. You should pay attention to your toilet options.

You can go for either two-piece, with a separate tank and bowl, or one-piece, where the bowl and tank are together. You can get a high-level tank far above your toilet or a low-level one next to the bowl. You can also go for a simplistic back-to-wall or wall-hung one with no visible tank.

On top of that, there’s a variety of tank and bowl styles you can look into. Again, the limit is your imagination.

Windows and Lighting

You’ll need some way to see in your bathroom, even if you don’t want other people to see inside. That means you need to get creative with the lighting and windows.

For windows, you can get simple curtains or blinds to draw every time you use the bathroom. You can also go for frosted glass.

For lighting, you might want small lights near the mirrors for visibility. You may also want a lightbulb near the shower to minimize accidents. Your lighting could be built into the ceiling, sconces, chandeliers, pendants, or anything else!


You should also consider how you plan to decorate the room.

Where do you want the mirror installed? You can go for a single mirror above the sink (or sinks) or have a wall mirror on one side. You can install all kinds of mirror shapes, as well. Try to combine practicality with elegance – think about how large you need your mirror to be and when you’ll use it.

Consider the flooring and walls. You can get typical porcelain or ceramic tile flooring in a beautiful pattern, or you can look into other materials. Vinyl is popular, as is concrete. You can opt for stone and wood (after ensuring they’re waterproof first).

Finally, consider the decorations you plan to put up and how they’d fit into the overall floor plan.

Drain Pipes and Ventilation

Finally, consider how the drain pipes and ventilation play a role in your bathroom’s design. These are often things you can’t see but are nevertheless essential parts of your bathroom remodeling. This can be important if you’re also going to add a room.

You should once again try to strike a balance between practicality and elegance. Think about where you need ventilation. You’ll need something to help suck up shower or bath steam and prevent mold growth, but you also probably don’t want a cold blast of air conditioning fresh out of a bath.

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What’s the best tile to use in a shower?

Porcelain tile and ceramic tile are both very water-resistant and great options for showers. You can also go for different types of flooring, like waterproof vinyl.

What renovations increase home value the most?

The main renovations you need to look out for are bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling. These two are a big part of increasing home value.

How can I make my small bathroom look luxurious?

Elegant tiling, solid use of decorations, and unusual style choices that pop can transform a small bathroom. Ask our bathroom remodeling experts what most customers want.

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