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How do you feel about the rooms in your home? Do you have enough space for everything you need, or could you use a little more? Your house never has to stay exactly the same as it is now - you can always make changes. If you need more space in your home, you can always get an expert service to perform room additions.

Extend A Room

When getting a home renovation, you can extend the floor space of your home. You can build an additional room that's been "bumped out" of the side of one of your pre-existing rooms or build a new room altogether. This gives your home a brand-new space where you can put an extra bedroom, bathroom, or anything else you want.

Add A Floor

You don't need to think horizontally - you can also think vertically. You can add a room on the top of your house, increasing the number of stories in your home. You can even double your space by building up rather than out, making it a better option if you're trying to increase the spaciousness of your home.

Upgrade Your Home

However you want your home renovation, know that you'll be left with a higher ROI and a more spacious place to call your own. A room addition is a great way to invest in your home and shape it into something valuable and comfortable. If you need a room addition done by qualified experts, call Alon today.


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Alon Design and Remodeling is a dedicated and trusted construction company. Our focus is on executing the highest quality renovations and building. During our years of service, we have developed a process for providing quick, efficient, and meticulously handled luxury home remodeling.

We want to build your dreams. If you can imagine the type of space you want to exist in, we can find a way to bring it into reality. Dream as big as you want. You are only limited by your imagination. Everything is customizable. Everything can be specially designed for your needs.

If the freedom to design the perfect living space is too overwhelming, we can help with that. Over the countless projects we have completed, we know the design trends and aesthetic profiles that create a head-turning remodel.

We can advise you as needed to envision a better way of living. Ready to get started with your room addition? Then call Alon Design and Remodeling today, and get on the fast track to building the home of your dreams.

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Quality Workers

Alon Design and Remodeling works with the top tradesmen from every construction discipline. Together our team has countless years of experience with all facets of the design, building, and finishing needed to complete projects of any size or complexity.

Clear Project Timelines

You set a budget and time for your project, and we start by creating an outline that shows the organization's basic structure. We then divide up tasks based on who is best suited to each part or piece, so everything runs smoothly and seamlessly throughout all aspects of completion.

Superior Materials

With so many years of experience in the construction industry, we know what lasts. So all the materials we source for new construction or remodeling projects are always of the highest quality. But we are not stuck in our ways either, always keeping an eye out for better products.

Customer Care

A great relationship with our customers is paramount to a project's success, so every team member is prepared to go above and beyond to satisfy your desires. We are building your dream into reality, and that requires a greater level of consideration than others can provide.


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It was a bit overwhelming to search for a general contractor. Truth to be told it was my first time ever to do remodeling. We just recently purchased the house so we were extremely worried from the cost. After meeting with a few general contractors I knew that the most fit for us was Alon's.

Lisa H.
Google Reviews

We recently purchased a home that needs fairly major renovation in the kitchen. We began reaching out to contractors right away without much luck, as many were unresponsive or unavailable to consult on our project. This was absolutely not the case with Alon Design and Remodeling.

Sara D.
Yelp Reviews

My friend recommended me this contractor, It was a big project, a room addition and they gave me very competitive price so there were no reasons not to hire them. Eli and his crew shoved up on time. They worked hard from the first day to end of the project. There were no issues and they finished this project on time and with no extra costs. I am super satisfied with the outcome and will highly recommend Alon Design and Remodeling!!

Jerry Brewster
Houzz Reviews

I had a good experience recently working with Alon design and remodeling. I wanted a kitchen remodel done in a short amount of time and Alon design and remodeling was able to accommodate my expectation! Well organized, clear communication and good quality work. I'll definitely find them for our next project.

Leah Hyesun
Google Reviews

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Frequently asked questions

What is a bump-out addition?

Bump-out additions are relatively small room additions. They might only extend a few feet. They can sometimes be the size of an entire room, but these rooms would be smaller than the rooms they're attached to. They are called bump-out additions because they look like bumps in larger pre-existing rooms.

Does adding bedrooms add value?

Adding bedrooms is a great way to increase the value of your home. Most major home renovations and remodels increase value, including adding a bedroom. The value increase from a bedroom addition is estimated to be between $30,000 and $50,000, but the specifics may change depending on your home renovation situation.

Is it cheaper to build up or out?

Building up is generally cheaper, as it requires fewer materials and labor. There are often laws on how high you can build, though, and you might eventually need to build out if you want to increase the square footage of your home.

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