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Clever Storage Ideas For Your Home Remodel

by Adam on October 4, 2022

Your home clutter has, in all likelihood, steadily increased over the years. It will only get worse as time goes on. You need a solution, fast.

If you’re getting a remodel done, you may have realized that you can factor space-saving techniques into your final design. The question is – how? How do you factor storage into your home remodel or new construction?

There are several space-saving strategies to think about when getting home remodeling services done. Here are some clever storage ideas to consider for different rooms:

  1. Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas
  2. Clever Bedroom Storage Ideas
  3. Clever General Storage Ideas

Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchens can fill with clutter pretty fast, but there are clever kitchen storage ideas you can implement.

You can work in a pull-out pantry for your kitchen remodel design. See if you can build high and wide to fit in tall cabinets. If there’s space for closets, those can become walk-in pantries. You can even sometimes make some space for built-in appliances. If you can’t, think about how you can stack them around other clever kitchen storage ideas.

For more clever kitchen storage ideas, install plenty of shelves around the walls. You can have drawers installed in what were previously cabinets to increase space. Think about increasing windowsill size and storing things there. You can even get covers for your sinks and stoves to turn them into tables when they’re not being used.

For more clever kitchen storage ideas, have your kitchen island outfitted with several drawers and shelves. Get some swing stools attached, so you don’t need to have chairs taking up floor space. You can do a similar thing with pull-out cutting boards, hidden compartments, fold-down tables, and “toe kick” drawers under cabinets.

Think about what you can implement for non-remodeling-based clever kitchen storage ideas. You can hang kitchen instruments, get drawer organizers, or use organization tools like Lazy Susans and pegboards.

Clever Bedroom Storage Ideas

When remodeling your bedroom, there are several aspects to consider if you want to conserve as much space as possible.

You can build in closets and cabinets so that they don’t take up too much space in the room. You might want to remove your closet doors to make the closet feel more spacious. If you’re renovating a hallway outside of your bedroom, think about using storage in that area too. And while they’re usually reserved for kitchens, you might want an island.

You can have shelves or cabinets behind your bed, an area most people often neglect. Another often forgotten space is the windowsill. You can build a larger windowsill and use it as a table for storage. You might also want a mirror that can open, much like in a bathroom.

Once again, there are furniture considerations when adding storage space. Hooks and shelves around the walls, the bed, and on the back or over the door can increase space. You can layer and stagger shelves high. Look into bed frames and platform beds with storage built in.

You have many options for clothes storage. Coat racks, dressers, clothes rails, and even suitcases can work.

Clever General Storage Ideas

While kitchens and bedrooms usually need the most open space, other rooms could also use increased storage, particularly if you’re getting a room addition or conversion.

You can install shelves just under the joist. And don’t let a corner go to waste with corner shelves.

You can store your ladder on the ceiling of your garage to get it out of the way. You can also hang bikes on the walls.

Once again, hooks on every wall are a great way to store things. You can get a pegboard for your hardware to hang up. You can hang bags full of possessions on various walls. Something you might want to try is tying objects on your walls with bungee cords.

Storage armchairs are a great double of being furniture and being extra storage. You can also get stools that open up to put in any room in the house. You can even get a table or a pet bed with storage built in. A beanbag chair is also a great way to store stuffed toys, and ottomans are well known for their storage capabilities.

A mountable toiletry holder works well, so consider it for your bathroom remodel if you do not have this already. A mesh shower curtain caddy can hold all kinds of showering tools, and a sink caddy contains everything you need in the sink.


What are some clever storage ideas for small bedrooms?

You can put shelves and hanging storage units in many places. Above the bed, above or on the back of the door, and on the windowsill are all places to consider. Essentially, use all of your space.

What are some clever storage ideas for small kitchens?

If you need clever kitchen storage ideas, hang and stack most kitchen tools. You can also hide cabinets in islands and put drawers under and between other cabinets.

How do you find clever storage ideas?

Many home remodeling blogs on the internet are full of renovation ideas. Look into what other people have done and see if you can implement something similar.


You might think that all hope is lost when it comes to having a lot of storage space, but the truth is you have ways to make some room. If you want to call a professional home renovation service, that’s a great way to increase storage space. But outside of that, you can also consider furniture and other purchasable goods.

There are many ways to store food, cooking supplies, and other kitchen items through clever kitchen storage ideas. You can get creative and even go beyond what’s been mentioned here. Even if your kitchen is small, you can find room for everything you need through clever kitchen storage ideas.

Your bedroom is full of sentimental belongings. Fortunately, you don’t need to throw them out to have more room inside your home. There are several clever storage techniques that you can use to make sure you have as much room as possible inside your bedroom.

You can spread this creativity around the house, giving yourself room for storage in every corner. You don’t need to worry about the storage capabilities in your home because there’s always a way to find a place for the things you need, even if you have to call a contractor.

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