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How Do I Find ADU Home Builders?

by Adam on February 7, 2023

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are another way of describing a room addition. Many homes undergo ADU construction because it can increase your property value and create financial advantages for the future. But before you begin planning your ADU remodeling project, you need to find a trusted ADU builder qualified for the job.

Alon Design and Remodeling is a specialized ADU contractor. We employ a talented team of skilled carpenters with several years of experience. It takes a long time to develop the level of craftsmanship and precision our staff brings to your home project. Alon provides premium home construction services that make us the best ADU builders available.

The easiest way to find the right ADU home builders is to do some research and start scheduling in-home consultations. Alon offers ADU builder consultations free of charge so customers can get a real idea of what to expect with both design concepts and pricing. In general, there are three things you should be looking for in an ADU builder:

  1. Practicality 
  2. Creativity 
  3. Affordability 

But before we get into finding your ideal ADU builders, let’s expand our knowledge and learn a couple of quick facts. ADU builders bring a lot to the table, and it’s important to have some questions ready and in your mind.


What does ADU stand for? 

ADU is short for an accessory dwelling unit. Essentially, it’s an extra room added to your existing house that can be in the form of a garage, interior room, or detached guest house. There are many ways you can get creative with the construction of an ADU, as long as you follow the guidelines listed in your area’s local zoning laws.

Is an ADU a good investment? 

ADUs have the opportunity to be a great investment! Adding a swank, modernized area to your home increases the property value and allows you to rent out the extra space. Now again, depending on local regulations, you might be able to cut down on your mortgage payments by renting out your ADU to tenants.

Increasing the value of your home should be the end goal of your investment. Other home renovation projects like kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling can also add value, but ADU projects are generally larger scale with lucrative rental opportunities as well. Alon offers free in-home consultations and quotes for ADU building strategies.

How do I insure an ADU?

Homeowner insurance policies provide coverage for ADUs and make sure you’re protected from future damage costs. The specific details vary based on your insurance plan. Some ADUs will blend right into your existing policy, while others could slightly increase what you’re currently paying. Check the details in your plan or call up your local insurance agent for more information.

Does ADU add to your home’s square footage?

Yes. Any additional space created by an ADU will be tacked onto the total square footage of your home. This is why ADUs can increase property value and another reason why you need the professionals at Alon Design and Remodeling to do it right! Deciding to build an ADU impacts your future finances, and you should take it very seriously.

1. Practicality

All home remodeling projects have one thing in common. They must make sense. You’re choosing more than just a cosmetic upgrade. You’re trying to enhance your livelihood. ADU builders provide multiple opportunities for homeowners to transform their living space into a household with purpose. Part of the process is figuring out what’s practical and what isn’t.

For example, ADUs are also called “granny flats,” which refers to aging parents moving back in with their families later in life. Family dynamics play a critical role in home remodeling, and even new construction, because it changes what you need out of your ADU space. There are key adjustments you will need to make if relatives are occupying your ADU.

Housing other family members in an ADU is going to call for different designs than a unit being rented out by a stranger. In most cases, you probably want an open concept where parents and grandkids have easy access to the rest of the house. And because they’re family, you’re probably more inclined to take their opinions into consideration too!

Another important piece of the puzzle with ADU builders is local zoning laws. Each municipality has its own specifications for a unit to qualify as an ADU. In general, most regions designate an ADU as a dwelling beside, near, or inside an existing home. Zoning ordinances can even limit the size and type of ADU you’re permitted to have on your property.

Luckily, Alon’s ADU builders do their research. And we know the details of your local laws before starting on a project. Any company that doesn’t know the local zoning code, shouldn’t be trusted because it proves they don’t have enough experience. These regulations dictate construction projects across the country. Part of our job is educating ourselves on the bylaws.

2. Creativity

The overall design of your ADU and deciding which features fit your style is a massive part of the process. ADU home builders at Alon want you to voice your own ideas so we can implement your personal touch into the project plans. We believe in collaboration because an ADU builder’s job is to execute your vision.

It doesn’t matter how old your home is or what the current architectural design looks like, Alon will put together a comprehensive game plan that suits your desired situation. We feel it’s essential to develop a creative rapport with our customers because it typically produces greater results. And at the end of the day, it’s their money funding the project.

3. Affordability

The cost will always remain a crucial detail in finding the appropriate ADU builder. As a homeowner, don’t be afraid to ask questions during the consultation process and force someone to answer why certain things cost more than others. This is the easiest way to vet ADU builders. If you sense some hesitation or conflicting explanations, they may not be suitable candidates.

ADUs can provide needed space and flexibility at a reasonable cost, but selecting an ADU builder has to come first. Alon proudly stands by our project estimations, and we always promise to give fair and accurate quotes. ADU builders are entrusted with immense responsibilities because it’s meant to enhance your home environment.

We wouldn’t be doing our jobs correctly if you didn’t know all the details, like the cost of materials, labor hour payroll, and customized upgrades. Alon follows a transparent approach where we share everything on the ledger while staying in constant communication with homeowners. It’s difficult to find accountable ADU builders of our caliber who are ready to do the work too!

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