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Is My Home Ready For A Sunroom Addition?

by Adam on October 10, 2023

The warm glow of a sunrise while being surrounded by luscious, vibrant plants feels like a fantasy. But in reality, this could be your home with a sunroom addition. The professional construction of a sunroom addition gives your home a new feel and look that makes you more connected with nature.

Improving areas of your home provides a lot of benefits. A sunroom addition is both financially and stylistically appealing for many reasons when you choose to team up with Alon Design and Remodeling. Our talented crew of carpenters can perform new construction projects, including a sunroom addition, with your creative ideas and input!

Everyone can take advantage of Alon’s premium home remodeling services for anything they need. Sunroom additions are only the beginning. We also specialize in bathroom remodeling, as well as room additions for people wanting to expand the square footage in their homes. Essentially, there are three main reasons why your home is ready for a sunroom addition:

  1. Functional Space
  2. Home Value 
  3. Seasonal Demand

But before we dive into the details, let’s answer some questions about sunroom additions to gain a better understanding of what they can do for your home!


Are sunroom additions a good idea?

Sunroom additions are a good idea after you’ve done your research. And the research means calculating how much a sunroom addition will cost and whether or not it fits into your budget. Another thing to consider is usage. How often do you see yourself using this space? The decision to move forward with a sunroom addition has to be practical.

How do I make a sunroom addition to my house?

Sunroom additions require a good amount of planning. First, you have to hire the right company. We make the process easy when you contact Alon for a free in-home consultation. From there, we want you to share your vision and ideas for the sunroom addition so we can come up with an accurate quote for the project. It’s a very collaborative process that allows you to add your personal touch!

Do you need a foundation for a sunroom addition?

In most cases, a foundation is needed for a sunroom addition. Every home’s structure is a little different, which is why an in-home consultation is very important. In general, your home’s existing foundation will be able to accommodate a sunroom addition. Alon’s design team can tell within seconds of inspecting your house!

Are you able to build a sunroom addition onto an existing deck?

Yes! Transforming your deck into a sunroom addition is very common and manageable. It can also be less expensive because the foundation and structure are already there. Over the years of quoting sunroom addition projects, we’ve discovered at Alon that building on an existing deck takes less time and materials.

1. Functional Space

Sunroom additions should create space while serving a specific purpose. You need to be asking yourself, what am I going to use this space for? The applications are endless with sunroom additions, but you have to figure out what’s best for your particular situation. A lot of people enjoy making their sunroom addition a lounging area or a place to sit down with company.

Just like kitchen remodeling adds more functionality to your appliances, countertops, and lighting, sunroom additions should enhance the experiences you want to create. A popular design decision people like for their sunroom addition is a fireplace. Nothing makes a room more intimate and inviting than a warm, peaceful fireplace.

Now, fireplaces aren’t appropriate for every home, especially depending on where you live. We’ll get more into that later, but it’s a viable option. Another functional component you have to consider is size. How many people will be using your sunroom addition at a given time? Perhaps your family has children or pets who will undoubtedly have their paws and fingerprints all over this new part of the house.

Alon will assemble a team of trustworthy home builders ready to construct your sunroom addition into the right size. Part of the process is establishing what your home can handle from a structural standpoint, and then we start shaping it around your needs. Local zoning laws are also a factor. Some local laws or homeowners’ associations only allow for certain modifications, so be sure to check that out during the research process as well.

2. Added Home Value

Sunroom additions reflect on your home’s overall value. By adding square footage and creating another functional space, your property’s value is very likely to rise. Sunroom additions naturally produce versatility in your home. Sunroom additions can function as a living room, play area, indoor plant sanctuary, or even a guest room.

This type of versatility makes your home more valuable. And the best part is Alon can finish your sunroom addition in just a few weeks! As we mentioned earlier, sunroom additions are sometimes built on existing patios or decks, speeding up the process. There are fewer materials, and it takes less time than ADU building.

3. Seasonal Demand

Where you live and what the seasonal temperatures are like play a major role in sunroom additions. Generally, sunroom additions are fit for all climates, but it does limit the capabilities of your sunroom addition. Colder regions are perfect for sunroom additions because you can utilize the sunlight as natural warmth despite cool outdoor temperatures, much like a greenhouse.

Hot, dry climates are also suitable for sunroom additions, but you may want to make some minor adjustments. For example, there won’t be a shortage of warmth and sunlight, so installing screens instead of windows might be a good idea! This would allow more air circulation for climate control. You can also install both screens and windows that are interchangeable.

Sunroom additions have the ability to shift with the changing seasons. Following along with the versatility theme, you could swap out your screens for windows as the year changes from warm to cold. Plenty of people enjoy sunroom additions because it gives them more options. There’s always the choice to shape the space into what you need!

Closing Advice 

Alon Design and Remodeling is committed to constructing the sunroom addition of your dreams. We understand the value a sunroom addition brings to your home and what it means to have a functional space built to last for many years into the future. Our team will carefully develop a design based on your wants and desires. Give your home a new look with the sunroom addition you deserve!

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