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4 Ways To Organize A Kitchen

by Adam on November 7, 2023

Kitchens can become a maelstrom of random utensils, dusty appliances, and slowly rotting food faster than you expect. You need a lot of stuff in your kitchen, after all, so it’s a prime target to become a disorganized mess in no time.

If your kitchen cleanliness has slowly gotten out of control, why not implement some kitchen organization hacks? It’s time to reevaluate what you need from your kitchen and make some changes. After finishing reorganizing, you’ll enjoy a clear and usable kitchen space every time you make a meal.

Depending on how in-depth you want to get, there are a few ways to reorganize a kitchen. Maybe your kitchen isn’t that bad, and you only need a few additions. Or perhaps you need to straight-up redo the whole thing. Whatever you need, here are several ways to declutter your kitchen.

1. Small Additions

Your kitchen storage ideas can be nothing more than a few additions. There are many products you can buy that make good kitchen organization hacks. However, remember that some organization experts advise not to buy too many of these tools and only determine what you need before making purchases.

Most kitchen organization hacks come down to utilizing as much space as possible. You can buy hooks or open shelving to hang things off of the walls, windows, sides of cabinets, and even against your fridge. Similarly, you can purchase ceiling baskets and hooks to hang things from the ceiling.

Remember to organize vertically. Stackable utensils and bins are great, and you can also utilize risers. You can put appliances on these risers and store things under them.

You can use a surprising amount of your sink space. Think about over-the-sink drying racks and sponge holders.

Finally, little things like drawer organizers and lazy Susans can prove very useful. Also, a moveable cart could help give you some extra storage space.

2. Complete Reorganization

You can also take a few steps to rethink how you use your space in your kitchen and implement kitchen organization hacks into the whole layout.

First, remove everything from every drawer and cabinet. Then determine what you don’t need and donate, sell, or throw away. You can take the opportunity to clean your now-empty cabinets if you need to.

Next is the planning stage. Rank the remaining items based on their importance and group them into categories based on where in the kitchen they should be. These categories can include things like cooking, pantry, storage items, coffee items, and cleaning supplies.

When putting everything back, think about where and when you’ll need them. Unimportant items can be placed up high and stored away, while everyday things should be easy to access. Try to put often-used utensils on the side of your dominant hand.

Remember that you don’t need to stick to traditional spaces, either. Think about repurposing closets or storing things near your kitchen rather than in it.

It might be a good idea to take everything out of its bulky packaging and use clear jars to see and access items easily. Label everything in these jars, too.

Finally, ensure you stick to your kitchen organization hacks as best you can. Clean regularly and keep things where they need to be. And remember, if you’re having trouble sticking to your organizational structure, there’s something wrong with the structure. Reorganize again until you figure out what works for you.

3. Small Construction Projects

If moving things around isn’t enough, there are smaller construction projects you can undergo for good kitchen organization hacks.

You can install pull-out chopping boards or even shelves. Build and install new drawers for more space. Slide-out counters are also an option, as is pull-out trash.

Burner counters and sink cutting boards let you repurpose these spaces when you’re not using them. After all, sinks and stoves take up room in your kitchen, and there are plenty of meals where you don’t need to use them. Why not cover them up sometimes and afford yourself some extra space?

One popular kitchen implementation is a charging drawer. You can install an outlet into a drawer and put all of your electronics in there safely.

You can modify and repurpose old furniture. Store things inside benches, utilize old bookshelves, and modify credenzas to fit more space.

4. Kitchen Remodel

You need to factor kitchen organization hacks into your final design if you’re getting kitchen remodeling from a remodeling company.

Consider a “work triangle” between your sink, stove, and fridge, as this is where you’ll travel in your kitchen. Create a smooth space around these parts, and you’ll have a very efficient kitchen after your remodel or renovation.

You can always get a room expansion if your kitchen is too small. Room extensions are a great way to give yourself more space to organize.

You can have an open kitchen island installed for more storage space. Get narrow pantries in the small areas between drawers.

As a whole, there are many remodeling services you can utilize to better organize your kitchen.


How do you organize a kitchen?

The best way to organize a kitchen is to divide it into zones outlined by purpose. Divide your items into which zone they fit best, and then create a hierarchy over what you use more. Commonly used items should be in easy-to-reach places near your dominant hand, while you can store away lesser-used items.

How do you organize a small kitchen without a pantry?

There are many alternatives to pantries and kitchen organization hacks that you can still do. You can put dry goods in drawers and hang utensils off hooks or inside cups. You can buy risers that create extra shelves for storage use.

How do you organize a kitchen for efficiency?

Think about the “triangle of work” between your stove, sink, and fridge, and make the access between these three things efficient through kitchen organization hacks. Place commonly used items in easy-to-reach places. Eliminate things that you never use.


There are several ways to implement kitchen organization hacks depending on how in-depth you need the process. Whatever you need, a less cluttered kitchen is always achievable. Hopefully, by now, you have a kitchen you can be proud of, with everything in the right place.

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